Gareth Wilkinson, 47, Property Developer, Leamington

Chris Crawford

How did you know about Abob? I have been involved with coaching rugby to young men, and I’m pretty sure some of them are having a challenging time in one way or another, I also swim with a very active swimming club where I met abob man, Ben Philips. He told me about abob and it was something that I … Read More

Ben Phillips


I’m a man wanting to utilise every skill I have and my wealth of experience to make a difference in all spheres of my life – as a husband, a father, an employee, a friend, and an active member of communities (e.g. geographic, church, and ABandOfBrothers charity).  I have a passion for creating nourishing spaces where people can flourish and become … Read More

Alan Smithson


Hailing from East Sussex, Alan embarked on his transformative journey with A Band of Brothers in 2014, aged 25, while undergoing his counselling training. After seeking out and being introduced to a member of A Band of Brothers in 2013, Alan felt an immediate affinity: “I was immediately drawn to their mission, and I was compelled to be a part … Read More

Craig Neesam, Mentor, Restorative Justice Practitioner, Brighton

Chris Crawford

Craig Neesam, 49, Mentor, Restorative Justice Practitioner, Brighton Tell us a bit about your background I was a misguided, mixed up angry young man. I was first sentenced when I was 17. And I kept being sentenced until I was in my late 20s. I got parole in 2005. My experience before was that I always got pulled back into … Read More

Graeme de Lyons


I have been the Conductor of the Penzance community since February 2022.

Mike O’Doherty


I first came across a Band of Brothers in 2018, recommended to me as a group who could help me in my personal journey to achieve some kind of internal emotional landscape… having been raised as a very repressed Englishman! I certainly had no interest in mentoring young men at this point. I have found my involvement in ABoB fundamental … Read More

Phil Pritchard


I am happy to be elected to the role of Conductor for the Oxford A Band of Brothers Circle.  I have lived in and around Oxford most of my life.  I now live with my wife and two fast growing up teenagers in East Oxford. My work has always included elements supporting wellbeing of people and the natural world including … Read More

Anthony Hearn

James Wong

Anthony Hearn is a Mentor, Counselor, and Organizational Development Consultant based in Buckinghamshire, England. As a certified leader and trainer with the UK-based charity abandofbrothers, he has participated in over 50 initiatory experiences for men and participated in the development of multiple new communities. He is an Organisational Development Consultant for the US Based Charity All Kings who create communities … Read More