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Gavin Burke

Gavin joined the Eastbourne community10 years ago and has been an integral part of the circle since. Over the past 9 years Gavin has mentored over 15 young men and upcoming mentors as well as supporting the development and growth of our community.

He heard about ABOB through friends and decided that now was the time to turn his attention outward and that was his call to action.

Gavin has learnt much from his mentees, mostly that, despite having met some men who have done some pretty bad things, there are very few genuinely bad men out there.

Alongside the mentoring, Gavin has also cleaned beaches, built ponds, restored gardens, cooked for the elderly, made chairs, gone ‘Ape’, been climbing, been kayaking and climbed Snowden several times with ABOB men. He feels his greatest success to date is cooking for the ‘Rites of Passage’ weekend. Forty five hungry men, well fed over three days.

Final words from Gavin: it’s all about community. Genuine community is the answer to everything. What we do is offer men a community to belong to, something to lose for men who often have felt like they have absolutely nothing to lose.

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