Impact and evidence

Find out about the difference we make in communities across the UK.

Our stories, research, and evidence show how our work transforms lives.

How we measure our impact

We gather information, both the quality (like how men feel) and quantity (numbers and stats), to understand how well our work is making a difference. We do this to figure out what’s working well and what we can do better.

Mentors have organised talks with those they’re helping at important times in our programs to make sure things are going as planned. We also talk to some of the our graduates and analyse their stories to find out if there are any surprises or unexpected good things happening.

By looking at all the information we’ve collected, we create a report each year that shows the impact of what we’re doing. We’ve also put together a report recently that shows how much social value our work is bringing.

Statistics and evidence

Our support helps young men to build lives away from crime and become more mentally healthy – and strengthening communities and saving society money.

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2023 Impact Measurement report

2023 Social Return On Investment (SROI) exec summary report

Our stories

Graduates of our programme, volunteers and staff and sector partners talk about the impact of our work.

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