Mike O’Doherty

Community Conductor

I first came across a Band of Brothers in 2018, recommended to me as a group who could help me in my personal journey to achieve some kind of internal emotional landscape… having been raised as a very repressed Englishman! I certainly had no interest in mentoring young men at this point.

I have found my involvement in ABoB fundamental in understanding myself better and supportive to other work I am doing around my own personal development as a man.

Through this involvement, I became aware of the plight of disconnected young men in our society, who, having no mechanism for understanding who they really are (and generally having no healthy male role models in their life) see other men as a threat and hence show up in a way that serves neither them nor those around them.  As a result, they have become ‘othered’ by a society that fears and avoids them. I want to help them re-integrate into our community in a healthy way, where they contribute and can feel valued. As a father, I feel I owe this to my daughters and the generation of girls growing up, who deserve to have healthy relationships with men, whether as a partner or just in society generally.