Matthew Cox


Matthew Cox, 34, Community Worker, Leamington Circle How did you hear about ABoB? I was told about it by a friend of mine who was getting involved with ABoB. I was looking for something that could deepen my work and relationships both personally and professionally. I’d been doing projects with nature and education for some time, often with young people, … Read More

Joe Mellish


Joe Mellish, 39, Leadership Trainer, Hastings Circle. How did you know about abob? I saw a post on Facebook. I’d never heard of them but I was attracted to mentoring a young man so I got in touch. I met up with James Wong and we chatted. He offered me a rites of passage weekend not long after talking to … Read More

Jay Forrester


Jay Forrester, 47, Carpenter, Cornwall Circle. How did you know about abob? I am ex-military with PTSD and I was having a bit of a wobble. The NHS mental health services couldn’t do anything for me so they referred me on to an adult social worker and she recommended that I get in contact with ABoB here in Cornwall. She … Read More

Jamie Bland


Jamie Bland, 25, services skis and snowboards during winter, and soon to be starting as a strengths-based coach, Cornwall Circle How did you hear about ABoB? I was recommended to come to a group one evening by a friend. In fact he was my sister’s ex. I had no idea what I was coming to but knew it was what … Read More

Graham Thurley


Graham Thurley, 50, Bus Driver, Brighton Circle How did you learn of ABoB? I was working as a Police Officer in Crawley about 6 years ago and I was part of a team that supported young offenders (mostly men) integrate back into the community. I was working alongside Probation when abandofbrothers gave a presentation in how they were connecting with … Read More

Ken Hinds


Ken Hinds – Chair of Haringey’s Independent Stop and Search Monitoring Group How did you know about abob? “Royston (who has been in abob for a few years) told me about the BTH weekend but I had no idea about the group. I was very apprehensive especially about camping; I’m a 5 star sort of man. It was like a … Read More

Frank Davey


Frank Davey, 49, locum GP, Penzance Could you tell me about the work you do? I work as a GP with homeless, drug, alcohol and mental health services and it’s apparent to me that so often we’re just providing a sticking plaster on an underlying trauma. That’s why I find working with ABOB so rewarding; I am aware that ABOB’s … Read More

Brett Korteling


Brett Korteling, 49, Water Resources Planner, Cornwall How did you know about ABoB? My 14 year old son Henry had a ‘Remembering Our Roots’ weekend for young men through his school in Penzance. I went along to an introduction for parents and ABoBabob leaders, James Oaken and James Benzing were there. I had read about ABoBabob on the website and … Read More

Ben Cole


Ben Cole, 60, Film Maker, Hastings Circle You have been in ABoB a long time? I joined the original men’s group that used to meet in a loft in Brighton, when the group had been running for about 4 years. As a men’s group, we were all aware that a lot of Brighton’s young men were lost and we wanted … Read More

David Freud


This is my story – David Freud, Artist, Brighton Circle How did you find out about ABoB? One of the Brighton ABoB men who’s also an artist came down to have a coffee with me. I live in Worthing. He actually wanted to talk to me about helping with fund-raising. I did a 24 hour paint-a-thon for ABoB and also … Read More