Alan Smithson

Hailing from East Sussex, Alan embarked on his transformative journey with A Band of Brothers in 2014, aged 25, while undergoing his counselling training.

After seeking out and being introduced to a member of A Band of Brothers in 2013, Alan felt an immediate affinity: “I was immediately drawn to their mission, and I was compelled to be a part of it.”

Alan’s personal experiences as a young man shaped his unwavering advocacy for the significance of positive role models, especially for young men. Now, as a new father to a young daughter, this advocacy holds an even more poignant significance for him.

Over a span of 5 years, he dedicated himself to empowering teens, addressing critical issues like self-esteem, emotional intelligence, healthy relationships, and sexual health. He also took on the role of educating them about the perils of homelessness. Reflecting on this, Alan says, “It was essential for me to support the vulnerable teens, who, influenced by adverse circumstances, were on the brink of making life-altering decisions. A few pivotal men in my life offered the guidance I needed during my own moments of uncertainty.”

In recent times, Alan has been sharing his expertise by teaching counselling. He also serves as a counsellor at an Eastbourne-based charity that offers affordable counselling for those in financial strain. Here, Alan’s speciality lies in supporting disenfranchised and neurodivergent young people.