Phil Pritchard

Community Conductor
I am happy to be elected to the role of Conductor for the Oxford A Band of Brothers Circle.  I have lived in and around Oxford most of my life.  I now live with my wife and two fast growing up teenagers in East Oxford. My work has always included elements supporting wellbeing of people and the natural world including work in schools and alternative provision for young people who don’t get on in class. I love working outside with people, doing practical tasks in nature and supporting skills development.
A Band of Brothers is important to me as a father of daughters and someone who recognises my privilege.  I want to help develop our community of Mentors and offer support to marginalised young men who haven’t necessarily had an easy start in life.  I trust this will make my community safer and help lay a foundation for successful, peaceful and fulfilling lives for the young men.
My own experience of the criminal justice system as a young man gives me a useful perspective on what prison is like and how it can effect people.
I look forward to working with the men of Oxford to continue building A Band of Brothers here.  Please get in touch if you’d like to refer a young man for mentoring and if you would like to train as a Mentor and be part of this great offer.