Welcome to the ABOB Patrons Programme

Making a Lasting Impact Together

New for 2024: we are thrilled to introduce the ABOB Patrons Programme, a rewarding membership community that is designed to secure sustainable growth for abandofbrothers (ABOB). By joining this community, ABOB Patrons will support our mission to help young men across the UK realise their potential and live fulfilling lives.

Our Mission

The ABOB Patrons Programme ensures that ABOB maintains a wealth of valuable contacts and a stable funding solution beyond traditional charitable revenue methods. This supports sustainable growth nationwide, helping us provide transformative Rite of Passage experiences and mentoring for young men aged 18-25.

About the Patrons

We are building a world-class community of supporters, serving as a best practice model in the charity sector. Our diverse members, including entrepreneurs and executives, actively engage and contribute their skills to further our mission.

Giving Back: Membership Benefits

• ABOB ‘Quest for Community’ weekend: Patrons are invited to participate in ABOB’s transformative, landmark ‘Quest for Community’ rites of passage weekends. This offers a first-hand insight into the impact of the investment, and the chance to connect with the young men benefiting from the charity’s program.

• Patrons Retreat: Annual, money-can’t-buy lodge retreat in the wilds of Britain with a personal development programme designed by ABOB exclusively for Patrons eager to rediscover themselves, connect with one another in spectacular surroundings and find greater meaning in life.

• Self-development masterclasses on themes such as resilience, relating, conflict resolution and mentoring.

• Networking opportunities with like-minded leaders.

• Participation in strategic ideas sessions.

• Recognition on the ABOB website and communications.

• A special gift.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We invite you to become a part of this impactful community. Your support as a Patron will help ensure ABOB’s continued success and make a profound impact on the lives of young men across the UK. Click here to begin the conversation and request a prospectus.