Moving Story from a Sister

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Tom came through our programme last year. He has since made amazing steps to turn his life around. You can hear his story on this Radio 4 interview.

Taylor’s Story

On 16.01.2014 I attended the graduation ceremony for ABOB and I am so so pleased I did. The evening was really touching and moving. The young men and their mentors in turn went up in pairs and spoke of their journey over the 3 month course. The responses from the mentors, the love and care they show, the relationship formed between the pair, is something quite astonishing when it’s only been 3 months.
I unfortunately missed the ceremony months previous for my brother Tom. However, attending this ceremony was just as moving and maybe more so because I could relate so much.
Hearing friends and family talking afterward about how proud they were of the young man in their family was so heart felt and moving. I think this is a really important point too; Young men get into trouble for all sorts of reasons, they might have the most love around them from friends and family, they may not; there are often other reasons. As a sister of someone who I believe lost his way a little, I feel everyone needs to know that this project is probably one of the most important things going, and really deserves recognition.
It’s hard to sum up what Tom and the rest of our family have been through in just words, in a paragraph… My brother, a intelligent, kind hearted, aspirational young man, was lost for a few years. With the help of aBoB, has created a new life and hopeful future. Helping these young men and preventing further trouble doesn’t just affect the friends and family around, it helps society too. People need to understand that this is effective for society. These young men can help shape the future, this project can help change the future.
I want to show my appreciation for the men that take time out of their everyday life and help young men like my brother. Jolyon, my brother’s mentor, was really there for my brother, as others were for their young men. I know I tried to talk to my brother, I know my mother did, but sometimes, WE ALL need an outsider to talk to, a guide to be better, do better, live more.
To show my support for the project, I will be shaving my hair off to raise money. As a female, shaving my hair off… I hope that people will notice, listen, talk and recognise. This project needs to be talked about, it needs to grow.
Please help me support this incredible project, come along and watch me get my hair shaved off!
Donate online if you can’t make it.

 “A child that has been wrongly directed, cannot be blamed for consequences.”


Interview with Tom on Radio 4:

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