abandofbrothers (ABOB) work with young men involved in the criminal justice system, providing them with the support they need to make the transition to an adulthood free of crime, and full of connection, purpose and meaning. We do this through our Quest Programme which brings young men and adult role models together in an intensive contemporary rites-of-passage experience and an accredited mentoring programme.
The young men we meet have often experienced or witnessed domestic violence. They may have been abused or else kept someone else’s abuse a secret. They may have experienced neglect. They may have grown up where drug and alcohol abuse is commonplace and where positive adult role models are in short supply.
Our focus is to link adult male role models to these young men, giving them experiences that challenge them and support their growth, and providing them with a lasting community that supports them.

We have seen an 82% reduction in the severity of offending behaviour after The Quest programme.

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“I had never believed I was worthy of anything, and this weekend helped me realise that I was worthy of a job, a future and more. I really like that all the men are there for each other. It makes such a difference.” – Jake, abandofbrothers graduate

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The Problem

Men account for 8 out of 10 people cautioned by the police, and nearly 9 out of 10 people found guilty for indictable offences are men. Men are responsible for 97% of burglary and 92% of violence against the person.

The Causes

We live in a society largely stalled at adolescence. Many adult men seem to relish and prolong adolescence for decades. However tempting it may be to blame and punish disaffected youth, a range of adolescent psychopathologies are all too easy to identify in many adult men across the social spectrum.

Our Solution

How might your life have been different if, when you were a young man uncertain about something you could not begin to explain, or overwhelmed by the power of your own emotion, that there had been older men who would acknowledge your anger and confusion without advice or judgment?

Our Programmes

a Band of Brothers offers a range of programmes that provides training to would be mentors as well as mentees. Information on additional courses will follow shortly.

Mountain Men
  • Reoffending down by 80%
  • In employment 80%
  • Worthwhile 100%

What we do gets results

Changing the narrative of someone’s life is not an easy thing for the state to do.

Our narratives are formed and developed in organic ways throughout our lives. The training & mentoring we offer has been recognised and accredited by the University of Brighton as a process that is especially effective at helping these young men rewrite the narrative of their lives.54 young men have graduated from six programmes run to date with another 13 from Eastbourne to graduate later this year.

The results are remarkable, with an 80% drop in offending rates by those men and as many as 80% of them finding employment or going into further education. Additionally some of the young men have gone on to volunteer on community projects overseas with Raleigh and, more locally, with the Princes Trust. Additionally, seven of the young men have now stepped up more than once to staff training weekends for both the adult mentors and their own peers.

It is incredibly heart-warming to see how many of our recent applications and self-referrals have come from the personal recommendation of our graduates. For us, this is the very essence of community building.

I also recommended A Band of Brothers to my younger brother and, 2 years on, he’s just completed his training with them as well. It’s great to know there’s a project out there for men of all different ages and that me and my brother can stay involved for as long as we want


I have also staffed four weekend trainings with A Band of Brothers and it’s been really satisfying putting older men through their paces so that they can become great mentors for more young men like me.


I am now nine months into my three year apprenticeship and on track to becoming a fully fledged technician. I start work at 8.30am and finish at 5.30pm. It’s my dream job and I feel so lucky to be doing something that I’m genuinely passionate about.


New Mentors Wanted in Portsmouth

New Mentors Wanted in Portsmouth

We’re looking for more men to join our new Portsmouth aBandofBrothers community! Are you a man who would love to feel like you are doing something to make your area a better place? Would you like to be a valuable gift in a young man’s life? Do you have hard earned wisdom of success or failure (or both!) in life to pass on? Being an aBandofBrothers mentor is not a one way street. You will gain skills and wisdom which will enhance your life and relationships. 82% of abob men say they deal better with emotions as a result and over 90% of those with children say it has made them a better parent. It’s not easy. It requires being willing to examine your own life and being willing to challenge your own blocks and challenges. It requires being willing to accept support from others. It requires being willing to be open and to trust. In doing this, we become the role models that the most vulnerable young men in our society need. Our current community includes men in public services, unemployed men, plumbers, business owners – people from many walks of life. We are a group of very ordinary people doing something extraordinary. If you are interested in finding out more, the next step is to join us for an intro evening. Please fill in this brief form to register your attendance: Portsmouth registration form Thank you for your interest and we look forward to meeting you soon! “Being a mentor with aBandofBrothers has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I feel so much...

Changing the world one man at a time.

We are working towards a society where young men and their families are supported through the difficult transition into manhood.

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