Graeme de Lyons


I have been the Conductor of the Penzance community since February 2022.

Mike O’Doherty


I first came across a Band of Brothers in 2018, recommended to me as a group who could help me in my personal journey to achieve some kind of internal emotional landscape… having been raised as a very repressed Englishman! I certainly had no interest in mentoring young men at this point. I have found my involvement in ABoB fundamental … Read More

Phil Pritchard


I am happy to be elected to the role of Conductor for the Oxford A Band of Brothers Circle.  I have lived in and around Oxford most of my life.  I now live with my wife and two fast growing up teenagers in East Oxford. My work has always included elements supporting wellbeing of people and the natural world including … Read More

John Holmstrom


I’m the very proud and often frustrated father of four young adult children (and recently a grandfather!).  I have worked in the homelessness sector for nearly 40 years, the last 9 as   CEO for Turning Tides, a West Sussex based charity. Under my leadership Turning Tides has grown from 50 to 70 staff with an increase from 70 to 300 … Read More

Dave Bevan

Andy Clark

I joined ABOB in 2019, and it has since become my community and my home. When I joined, I found it hard to trust other men, and I didn’t even realise how much I longed for brothers, to support and be supported by men who could be both vulnerable and strong together. I passionately believe that everyone, no matter what … Read More

Cllr Steve Wallis

James Wong

About Steve I was first introduced to A Band of Brothers during a ‘Homecoming’ in June 2019 and attended my ‘Rites of Passage’ in September 2019. I found the experience very powerful, and it helped me understand myself better. I have since trained as a mentor and find this work vitally important. It’s a privilege and honour to be elected … Read More

Alan Larkin

Andy Clark

I am 48 and work as a Maintenance Engineer in a factory close to my home in Camborne.  I live with my 17yr old son, Jake and our dog, Mario. Feeling lost after losing my wife to cancer in 2015, I joined A Band of Brothers in November 2017, not really knowing what it was about. Since then I have … Read More

Chris Thomas


I completed the abandofbrothers rite-of-passage in 2017 and was elected Conductor of ABoB Manchester in December 2019. I have been on a healing journey for most of my adult life, searching for different ways to heal childhood trauma. This journey has taken me from the psychotherapist’s couch, to 12-step meetings and even to living with indigenous tribes in South America. … Read More

Stu Croll


Having heard about abandofbrothers for several years, I decided to get involved in 2018. I was brought up in the East Midlands and got into a fair amount of trouble as a young man, which resulted in me being sent to juvenile detention. I moved to London on my 16th birthday and struggled to find stable housing. I started various … Read More