Nick Carling

Andy Clark

My name is Nick and I started volunteering with ABOB in Feb 2017. My Rites of Passage weekend was one of the most impactful experiences of my life. It offered me a new way of relating to myself and others and many areas of my life have become more fulfilling as a result. I have enjoyed ‘being a man of … Read More

Nigel Lynch


I joined abandofbrothers in 2017 during the early years for the Cornwall community. I’m 55 and have lived in Cornwall for 10 years. I have some land with beautiful views and occasional wild winds where we host aBoB events and training and where I’m building a life and home for my family: partner Becky and 4 year-old stepson Frax. I’m … Read More

Geof Elvyhart


I’ve run a successful, national environmental waste management and recycling company in the Midlands since setting it up in 2003. In 2018 I joined abandofbrothers, initially as a volunteer for my local community in Leamington, then progressing through all the training available until now becoming the community Conductor. My journey with abandofbrothers has been one of deep personal growth, supported … Read More

Jeremy Churchill


I live in Monmouth and work for the Environmnet Agency in pollution control. I’m 54 years old and attended my first Rites of Passage weekend in 2015 where I doscovered, after a lifetime of fear, that there could be a different narrative for my life. I was drawn to being in service and to being part of a community. So … Read More

Chris Thomas


I completed the abandofbrothers rite-of-passage in 2017 and was elected Conductor of ABoB Manchester in December 2019. I have been on a healing journey for most of my adult life, searching for different ways to heal childhood trauma. This journey has taken me from the psychotherapist’s couch, to 12-step meetings and even to living with indigenous tribes in South America. … Read More

Stu Croll


Having heard about abandofbrothers for several years, I decided to get involved in 2018. I was brought up in the East Midlands and got into a fair amount of trouble as a young man, which resulted in me being sent to juvenile detention. I moved to London on my 16th birthday and struggled to find stable housing. I started various … Read More

Berny Auton


I joined abandofbrothers in 2018 looking to give something back to our community. That work has been very rewarding. What I didn’t anticipate is that along the way I would learn so much about myself and in doing so become, I trust, a better Father, Husband, Friend and Man. Every time we ‘circle-up’ I learn more about Men and myself. … Read More