Chris Crawford

Aaron, 31, bricklayer, Hastings How did you know about Abob? I was in Lewes prison and Neil (the engagement officer for Hastings abob) was doing a Family Day in there. He’s a nice guy but I ignored any info about abob the first time I met him. But I was aware that I was in a vicious circle of leaving … Read More


Chris Crawford

Kieran, 22, Leamington   How did you know about abob? My drugs counsellor told me. I wanted to check them out and see who they were. I met up with Ben Philips and there was something about them and him that felt safe. That was my main criteria.   What were you looking for? Help, support, friends, someone who cared. … Read More


Chris Crawford

Smithy-Jai, 20, Leamington   How did you know about abob?  Jon Temple who is part of Leamington abob told me. He’s my sessional worker through social services. And my personal advisor told me too.   Tell us a little about your life?  I had a challenging upbringing. My mum was using drugs. I wasn’t safe at home, my nan called … Read More


Chris Crawford

You are a bit older than the usual young men? Yes, I fall somewhere in between. I went through the rites of passage weekend like one of the young men but my mentoring was more of a telephone check-up.   How did you find out about abob? The roadie from Duran Duran who is a friend, told me that I … Read More


Chris Crawford

How long ago is it that you did the Quest weekend? I actually did it seven years ago and am at this interesting juncture where I have transitioned from being a young man receiving support to an older man supporting other younger men. That feels significant. How did you know about abob? I was on probation in Brighton and it … Read More



Freddie, 22, student, Hastings How did you know about abob? I’d met an abob man, John Darling before. I was in the care system, I had foster carers and he’d been working with me before. He contacted my social worker and we took it from there. I went along to an open meeting in Hastings which was pre-Covid. We saw … Read More


James Wong

Brandon, 19, Leamington Spa How did you know about abob? I was referred by my social worker to help me get off drugs. I met up with Jon Temple for a chat. I was in a place where I wanted to change but I didn’t know how to do it. So abob came along at the right moment. How was … Read More


James Wong

Jordan, 23, tree surgeon trainee, Bristol How did you know about abob? I found out about them through JourneyMan – a rite of passage charity for boys – because I went to them when I was 15 and needed support. Being part of JourneyMan helped me make friends, keep them and trust men and abob carried that on. I used … Read More


James Wong

Alex, 21, Bristol How did you know about abob? I asked the charity 16/25 who could support me with my mental health. They suggested abob. So I met them and Hugh became my support worker. It was Covid time and there were no weekends running, so he was able to meet up with me as a pre-Quest mentor. I was … Read More


James Wong

Corey, 22, Bristol   How did you know about abob?  I was having a crisis, I was involved in drugs, had just had a break up, and I really didn’t know what I wanted in life. I wanted to do myself in. It was a couple of years ago. My Personal Assistant – social services give you a PA to … Read More