Ben Phillips


I’m a man wanting to utilise every skill I have and my wealth of experience to make a difference in all spheres of my life – as a husband, a father, an employee, a friend, and an active member of communities (e.g. geographic, church, and ABandOfBrothers charity).  I have a passion for creating nourishing spaces where people can flourish and become … Read More

Anthony Hearn

James Wong

Anthony Hearn is a Mentor, Counselor, and Organizational Development Consultant based in Buckinghamshire, England. As a certified leader and trainer with the UK-based charity abandofbrothers, he has participated in over 50 initiatory experiences for men and participated in the development of multiple new communities. He is an Organisational Development Consultant for the US Based Charity All Kings who create communities … Read More

Thurstan Crockett


Thurstan Crockett, 58, Community Mentor for the South West. How did you know about abob? I was living in Brighton at the time and there was a very active Super Dads group that I was involved in. We dads would support our children at primary schools, as there weren’t many men around. Ali Mayor who set up Super Dads suggested … Read More

Rose Rouse


I have been passionately managing PR and press for abandofbrothers since 2012. I have always had inordinate faith in their ability to transform the lives of other men, particularly young men who have had ‘hurt’ lives and channelled all of that ‘hurt’ energy into more pain for themselves and others. Abandofbrothers has been featured on Woman’s Hour, in the Telegraph … Read More

Dan Hartley


Dan joined abandofbrothers in 2008 and was influential in initiating the first ‘Quest for Community’ for young men. With over 10 years experience of frontline youth work, primarily within the Youth Justice and Leaving Care sectors in London and Sussex, Dan continues to play a key role in the growth and development of the Charity. “For me, abandofbrothers felt like … Read More

Conroy Harris


I was born in St Johns, Antigua and moved to England in the early sixties and grew up in Nottingham. Although I have lived in Oxford for over 30 years I remain a keen Nottingham Forest fan. I left home at 16 to join the R.A.F and served for 6 years. After I was discharged from the R.A.F, I experienced … Read More