Award honours the Band of Brothers community

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A glittering prize has been won by organiser, fundraiser and all-round irrepressible abob supporter, Eastbourne dweller, Paul Apps. Out of hundreds of entrants, Paul has won the BBC Sussex and Surrey Community Heroes Award for Volunteering. On Dec 10th, Paul and his wife Alison attended the celebration dinner. At the start, Paul knew he’d been shortlisted but nothing more. “When … Read More

Another deserving winner – Mark Nightingale

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The Rotary Club of Brighton gave Mark a Citizens Award on December 17th for his outstanding contributions through abob to the Brighton community. The awards ceremony was at the Royal Albion Hotel. Mark says: “I felt suitably honoured and accepted my framed certificate with humility and gratitude; knowing the full magnitude of the task presenting itself to us men of … Read More

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that’s what the charity is funded for.
ABOB hosts weekly sessions with volunteer men- tors, who admit their own weaknesses and struggles to the young men. “It doesn’t work unless there’s a mutual exchange… What we’re trying to provide is an antidote to that environment where, when I was at school, the teachers would say ‘I am a teacher, I am perfect’, and you know that they haven’t got it all worked out, yet there’s no honesty about that.”

Nathan Roberts runner up in Sunday Times Change Maker

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CEO Nathan Roberts has been named as runner up in the Sunday Times Change Maker Nathan Roberts 40 Abandofbrothers is a charity that helps troubled young men, usually ex-prisoners, to rebuild their lives with training weekends and then a 13-week mentoring period. He says “We believe that as older adult men, who had already navigated the difficult transition into manhood, … Read More

'I found my place in a Band of Brothers'

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He has a string of convictions for violent crimes and was released from jail for the fourth time in January. With this in mind, it would be easy to assume that Chris Smith is not a role model for other young men in Crawley. But the 23-year-old has under-gone a remarkable transformation. The individuals who finally got through to him … Read More

June 2014 – The Guardian – Mentoring is what young men crave without realising it

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Being a man means being responsible, respecting other people, making a contribution to the community … and …” Dave, 28, hesitates for a couple of seconds and looks down at the little girl smiling broadly beside him: “Most of all, it means being a good father,” he says. The girl is his daughter Susie, nine. She’s tugging at my sleeve … Read More

The Eastbourne Community is Growing!

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The picture above was taken at the end of the first training event for the Eastbourne abandofbrothers community. It was an amazing weekend. Here’s a quote from one participant: I believe it will do a huge amount to benefit me in the way I see relationships with other people especially young men. Having done youth work when I was a … Read More