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Rutger Beijderwellen

I moved to the UK from the Netherlands in 2000 to follow a dream of becoming Croquet World Champion. Having played croquet competitively at international level for years I find myself drawn more and more to my other passion which is kite surfing. I live in Hurstpierpoint with my partner Karolina. I work as a CNC programmer for an engineering company and in my spare time I kite surf whenever it’s windy.

What is your motivation for being part of A Band of Brothers?

I feel that society needs to change. I recently stopped complaining about it and expecting others to step up and do the work for me. Instead I’m taking responsibility myself and do my small bit to change things and I hope that others will do the same and together we can get shit done.


Darren MacDonald

I am a 39 year old senior project manager who, having lived in Derby for 20 years, moved to Crawley in early 2013. Despite having only moved down south relatively recently I have been blessed by the fascinating people that I have met and the passion that they show for their community. I’m a sports enthusiast who follows the mis-fortunes of Ipswich Town and Derbyshire CCC.

What is your motivation for being part of A Band of Brothers?

Initially my motivation was simply to get involved in what seemed like a great idea – to help and guide young men through difficult times. Now my inspiration is drawn from the young men whose journeys I have been fortunate enough to be part of. The simple fact for me is that abandofbrothers works – it creates a safe and positive environment where young men can find the right path towards being the man that they want to be.

Ian Cooper

My name is Ian cooper I work for British Airways at Gatwick as a duty operations controller. I am now the proud father of two sons aged 20 & 23 and have been married to my wife Sam for 25 years, being a part of ABOB has helped me as a man, a husband and a dad. I feel that in our community there is very little help for angry and hurt young men who can have a very destructive influence on how we live in our community.

What is your motivation for being part of A Band of Brothers?

I became a member of abandofbrothers because I had anger issues as a young man and could be extremely violent. I am now 51 and looking back I can see I was hurting and grieving for the loss of my father George who passed away aged 47 when I was 16 years old. The only way I could express myself was through drinking alcohol to excess and becoming aggressive.
It takes a community to raise a young man and locking up troubled young men at the cost of approximately 50k a year I don’t feel is the answer especially as is doesn’t work and has very few beneficial effects for the young man or us as a society.

Dan Cousins

I am a 46 year old gas engineer and have lived in Crawley on and off for 30 years – having spent a few years travelling around Asia and Europe. I am a keen motorcycle enthusiast owning two bikes including my beloved Harley! Having spent many years following the misfortunes of Man City am enjoying our time as champions.

What is your motivation for being part of A Band of Brothers?

I was keen to use my experiences in life and to give something back to society. Abandofbrothers has provided me with a much more positive outlook on life and a realisation that by working as a group we can support young men at a difficult time in their lives and assist them to becoming valued members of the Crawley community

Dave Surridge

I am a 40 year old married father and I have two amazing children, Millie (8) and Tommy (6). I own a small office equipment company based in Haywards Heath. Outside of the business world I have always been extremely creative. I have performed and written comedy for many years and I have recently completed a series of short, rhyming stories for children. More recently I have had a ‘calling’ to become more actively involved in my local community. I am extremely passionate about ‘doing my bit’ to make Crawley a safer place for my children and wife to live in.

What is your motivation for being part of A Band of Brothers?

Throughout my life I have been waiting for the moment when I would feel like ‘a man’. All of the ‘big’ events (that I believed were essential to becoming a man) came and passed and still I felt like a child. From my first alcoholic drink, to my first sexual experience. From passing my driving test, to moving out of my family home. Even getting married and having children of my own – none of these so called ‘life affirming’ moments made me feel any more of a man.

A Band of Brothers has taught me that I was missing some vital ingredients in my life that stopped me from ‘growing up’ – a sense of community, more than one male role model and, most importantly, a clear and definite ‘rite of passage’. I believe wholeheartedly that the work we do is crucial in helping to build a safer world, as it is the young men of our community who have the power to either “start a riot, or stop one”.  I remain a part of A Band of Brothers in order to become a better man, a better husband and a better father.

Darryl Lamb

Darryl Lamb

I am a father to a daughter of primary school age and a son in his late
teens. After careers in the Hotel Industry and IT Sector, I retrained and
set up my own plumbing business. I juggle this with family responsibilities
doing the school runs and after school care. I have an interest in veteran
vehicles and have an active family life.

What is your motivation for being part of A Band of Brothers?

I felt a need to be part of a community and be in service to my community. I
was made aware of ABandofBrothers via social media at a time in my life
where I was looking for tools to help me be a better father. An introduction
to AbandofBrothers left me in no doubt that service in the community to
bring about change in young men’s lives was a positive way forward.

The awareness of how my community could benefit from treating young
dis-enfranchised men differently stood out for me from the traditional
methods used by the correctional services.

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