What make us different

We have a pretty ambitious vision for one.

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One of the key ways in which we are different is that through creating and supporting contemporary rites of passage for adolescents we intend:

  • to create community by engaging and training adult men to act as mentors and allies for local young men- thereby bridging the perilous divide that exists between generations of males
  • that every adolescent will have the opportunity to be recognised, acknowledged and welcomed into adulthood through a community sponsored rites of passage experience
  • to encourage a search for meaning and purpose in life based on the miracles of nature and humanity rather than adherence to any particular religion, thus enabling men from different backgrounds and creeds to connect in a meaningful way
  • “Hurt people, hurt people.” We address the hurt carried by men directly, so that they are less likely to hurt others. Cognitive training programmes can be very useful, but all of the employability training in the world cannot enable a young man with chronic anger or self esteem issues to get a job
  • to recognise that the “problem” of young men not just a problem with young men but of the wider societal context of their lives

We have an ambitious vision. We want to create centres for working with men outside of urban areas where they can come to connect, to heal and to return from with renewed purpose and vigour. These centres, called “Axis Mundi,” will provide an important antidote to the pressures and frequent toxicity of modern life.


Creating community

Encouraging purpose

Cognitive training

Recognising the problem

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