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abandofbrothers regards the problem of disaffected young men as an oversight of our culture to address fundamental male issues. The disintegration of traditional family units, weaker bonds between father and son, the decline of community support structures, the proliferation of mass society, rampant consumerism and the lure of drugs and alcohol have resulted in unprecedented challenges for many adolescents and therefore for society. As any definition of manhood seems ever more vague and even trivial, today’s boys and young men face an increasing struggle trying to grow and mature into adulthood.

abandofbrothers supports young men in making a healthy transition to adult manhood and creates powerful mentoring networks that they can call upon in times of need. We believe that every young man seeks identity, meaning and a purpose into which he can channel the considerable energies of early male adulthood and that many long-term social problems can be alleviated if young men are provided with appropriate personal encouragement, engagement and attention from first-hand role models to support this process.

The good news is that there are many adult men of conviction, courage and valuable experience that are willing and able to make such a constructive contribution, and whose hard earned wisdom has up to now lacked a context for its transmission. Central to all of our programmes are experiences that have come to be termed “rites of passage.” Through this context we harness the integral goodwill of local adult men by providing them with a powerful training that develops mentoring skills, emotional intelligence and enhances authenticity and confidence. This in turn empowers the adult men to provide a rites of passage training and ongoing mentorship to young men of their community.

abandofbrothers ’ approach thereby acts as a powerful catalyst for creating social capital through reconciling generations of men by empowering each toward collaborations that serve both a common purpose and a positive vision for their own life. We encourage and facilitate young men towards developing a healthy connection to their communities through acting with the emotional literacy, confidence and respect that comes through healthy self-esteem and self-awareness.

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