Josh N

Case History
Josh, 21, student, Haringey

How did you find out about abob?
Through my friend, Dean. He told me that abob could help with finding ways of dealing with anger and emotions, so I thought I would give it a go.

Tell me about growing up in Haringey.
I grew up with two half sisters and a stepfather but I didn’t know he wasn’t my birth father. I was angry when I was younger and used to get into a lot of fights. My mum kicked me out when I was 16 and I lived in hostels from then on. I only found out who my birth father was when I was 20. That had a big effect on me.

How was the Quest for you?
It was something very different. It was very strange at first, because we were out there in the woods at night. I liked the camping and woods though, I enjoy being out in nature. And I’m up for the challenge. I learnt about how to control my anger there better than I was doing before. Now if I get angry, I remove myself from the situation, I don’t stay and fight with someone.

How was your Homecoming Ceremony?
Well, my mum and sisters came and they were very proud of me so that felt good.

What’s your relationship like with your mentor, Ken Hinds?
I can be open with him. He can read my body language, he knows when I’m angry or upset from looking at my face. He encourages me to be open about my feelings and not to lock it all away. He’s always encouraging me to stay in balance.

What are you studying?
I’m studying Level 2 Customer Service and in November, I have my placement at William Hill. I want to go into high fashion retail customer service when I’m qualified. I’ve already done hairdressing, hockey coaching and been a barman.

What have abob given you?
Some amazing experiences. I went and climbed a mountain in Snowdonia with them. I’ve never done mountain climbing and there were some big challenges. I had three vertigo attacks and we had to do hops and climbing at funny angles plus there was a big thunderstorm. I’ve never been so scared.
Ken kept encouraging me to keep going. It really felt as though my life was in my hands there. Afterwards, I felt amazing. We were really a team.

What have abob brought you?
I feel as though I’m a better person, I had the world on my shoulders, but I deal with difficulty in a different way now.

And what is your hope for the future?
I want to go to Uni and then set up my own business. That’s my plan.