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Mentee, Jake Gynn tells his story to the Easbourne Herald

22 year old Jake Gynn tells the Eastbourne Herald how the Quest helped him let go of the deep sadness and guilt he’d been carrying around since he was a child. As well as how it was building a relationship with his mentor, Ronnie. “It was awkward because I wasn’t used to having this male figure in my life. But gradually we built up a relationship and humour was key.” I let go of my deep...

Abob CEO, Nathan Roberts in the Guardian on the prison crisis.

The Guardian’s ‘Comment is Free’ section invited Abob’s CEO, Nathan Roberts, to write about why the prison crisis is happening. Nathan explains: “Young men don’t mature psychologically until their mid-20s. Condemning so many to the toxic environment of our jails is a recipe for re-offending and suicide” in a very strong piece.

Inside Time Reports On Haringey abob

Inside Time is the national prison newspaper, this month’s edition reports very powerfully and positively on Haringey’s abob and their activities. Mentor, Ken Hinds, is interviewed. He says: “The young men we mentor have been in jail, they’re on probation, they’ve got serious issues. We help them to become the men they want to be.” Editor Erwin James who also wrote about abob for the Guardian, writes: “That there is a need for organisations like A Band of Brothers is beyond dispute. Men account for eight out of 10 people cautioned by the police, and nearly nine out of 10 people found guilty of indictable...

The Oxford Official Launch

Now that capacity has been built and the community is ready to go, abob Oxford went public last week to tell the wider community what they were up to. Anthony Hearn from abob said: “What we do is work alongside the young men on their journey, and try to provide that positive role model who will encourage them to be the best man they can be.” See what the Oxford Mail had to say about the event here. And see “About Oxfordshire’s” video report...

A Big Thank You to Katy Bourne, The Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner

Good Funding News! abob has had more good news. They have once again been awarded Safer in Sussex funding – £15,000 – by the Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne. CEO, Nathan Roberts says: “This is vital funding for us and means we can carry on with our rites of passage and mentoring programmes here which help to transform the lives of these often neglected young men.” We cannot express how much the continued support of Katy and her team means. Thank...
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