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Andy Clark
Andy Clark

I’m a self-employed Engineer. I moved to Eastbourne in 2007 from Essex with my wife Sarah, we’ve been married since 2001. We home educate our 13 year old son, and enjoy picnics on the beach, walks in the forest, geocaching, camping, DIY and spending time with family and friends.

What is your motivation for being a part of A Band of Brothers?

I initially got involved to make my community a safer place for my family, but very quickly it became much more than that. Supporting others and receiving support when I need it. Learning how to respond rather than react to situations when I’m triggered. I wish there was abandofbrothers when I was younger.

I’ve been involved in a few community projects previously, but nothing quite like abandofbrothers. Having the opportunity to provide a positive male role model for the young men in our community that have not perhaps seen this in their lives is very humbling.

From deep connection and healing, through mindful planning, to powerful motivation and action a band of brothers is changing the world, one man at a time.

Alan Pearce

I grew up in South London in the 60/70’s. having moved home many times and my parents divorcing at an early age. I found myself living on a council estate with a poor education and part of a gang culture. I realised the only way out of this life was to work my way out. I got a job in a supermarket as a trolley boy. I spent 12 years with the company and eventually ran a store.

After starting a family, I decided this wasn’t the life for me. I started my own landscape gardening business. www.eastbournegardens.co.uk and 23 years later I have been relatively successful and decided it was time to put my experiences to good use helping others.

abandofbrothers is a perfect fit for me to give back.

I am currently serving as the elder on the organising committee. I get immense satisfaction seeing the changes and development of the young men and find the work with the group very challenging but gives me a great feeling of self-worth and that I am giving back to the community.

Kevin Burns

I work as a counsellor in Lewes and am a father to two children in their early 20s. My previous career was in the sports industry where I ran a company organising football and netball leagues in London. I’m much less fit these days but continue to take a passing interest in the fortunes of Liverpool FC … in Klopp we trust!

What is your motivation for being a part of A Band of Brothers?

For me it’s important that we reconnect with the young men who have been so let down by our society. There is something powerful and rewarding about men coming together in this way to support young men. It feels like we men have abandoned this work for too long and expected women to pick up the slack.

James Wong

James Wong

I am 47, partnered and father to a teenage son and daughter. I make my living as a self-employed gardener and counsellor in Eastbourne. I grew up in East Sussex and spent much of my adult life traveling and working abroad in Switzerland, Asia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Germany. Looking back, I think part of the urge to travel was to explore my Chinese heritage and to find out who I was. As it happens, it did help me discover some personal truths about my identity yet with it came the dawning realisation that my journey towards self-knowledge would be a life-long one.

Settled in East Sussex and glad to be home, I love being a dad to my two kids and take great joy spending time with them, watching them grow and doing my best to be by their side as they meet their own challenges in life. I enjoy lots of things but lately, conversations with my family as we walk the South Downs gives me a much valued and satisfying sense of connection.

What is your motivation for being part of A Band of Brothers?

A Band of Brothers (ABOB) provides me with the ideal vehicle to be part of something that brings about effective and positive social change. I spent much of my life trying to do it alone and quite frankly I was often left feeling lonely, dissatisfied and impotent. ABOB offers me a place where like-minded men – that is, men who want to build a better community – can come together in a common cause. We work as a team, support each other, we dare to be real with each other, we connect, we share and we work with and respect our differences. All this happens safely and respectfully and that all means a lot to me.

And the cherry on the cake is having the opportunity to be there alongside the younger (and older!) men; providing a safe, reliable, caring yet robust space for them as they make their own journey towards becoming the men they want to be.

Neil Turner

Neil Turner

Father of  three, web  designer  by day craftsman at heart. Creating things that last is what floats my boat. That’s what I see in mentoring with aBandofBrothers. It’s a chance to facilitate real positive change for young men who maybe don’t realise they have the tools to create the future they deserve.

I can’t think of anything that would be more rewarding or  satisfying.

James Gibson


I spent most of my life without a male role model, and with little idea of what it meant to be a man in the world. I traveled and worked all over the world and returned to the UK in my mid-thirties, where my confusion and disconnection from my masculinity caught up with me. I was a depressed man with anxiety and anger issues.
Joining A Band of Brothers was a turning point in my life. I have been a teacher for 5 years, and am currently training to be a coach to help others grow and achieve their goals. I’m also a Boxing coach and train myself and others in a discipline that has become a genuine passion.

What is your motivation for being a part of A Band of Brothers?

I’m in A Band of Brothers because it enables me to be the change I want to see in the world. Working with young men who’ve been so neglected for most of their lives is a wonderful opportunity to be of service to those who need it most. My own experience has taught me that it is easy to become lost and confused as a man, and that the benefits of being in a loving, supportive community also extend out into my family, my community and beyond.

Paul Apps

Paul Apps

I am a father of 2 teenage sons with a beautiful partner of 20 years. Originally from Croydon I found myself in Eastbourne to escape a very different life style that was going to have me dead or locked up.

I have much first hand experience of living in a fractured family with no support from community. My journey has given me a cornucopia of understanding that allows me to mentor with compassion, understanding and empathy. I love this work with a passion and would highly recommend it to any man that wants to be part of the solution. I am a busy man with work and family but make time for my community because I see the positive effects it has on the young and older men who are lucky enough to get a chance to experience the ‘A Band of Brothers’ profound and life changing process.

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