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Paul Salvage

I am a father of two boys and work as the Early Years fathers Involvement Lead for East Brighton, running two Dad and toddler groups, delivering triple P positive parenting programmes and overseeing city wide services for fathers, including young fathers an initiative between Brighton Council and Brighton and Hove football club, a dads drop in and a Supporting Fathers network for professionals involved in services for fathers.

What is your motivation for being part of A Band of Brothers?

It creates a community of older men who stand up as not perfect, not professionals but also not criminal or famous but good enough ordinary male role models.
It works in a unique way with young men’s natural aggression, both blessing the healthy parts of this anger.


Rex Brangwyn

I am an Osteopath and Kinesiologist of 20 years experience. I run a busy multidisciplinary health clinic called Integral Clinic. I am a Director of Integral College that designs and delivers personal and group transformational trainings. I have worked as a participant and Trainer in the Mens’ Movement for many years.

What is your motivation for being part of A Band of Brothers?

To help young men navigate the process of growing into mature and functional men so that they can manifest their gifts for themselves, their family and the world. My local role is to inspire men to join us, introduce the project to statutory agencies, keep the big picture in mind, and run local meetings.

Robin Life

I am a father of two young boys. I am a carpenter, shiatsu practitioner and life coach. And, I am a man who wants to give something of myself to help create a community that supports all of us to achieve their highest potential, rather than bemoaning the lack of government help and the state of the world today.

Youth, crime, youth, pollution, youth, fear! Young people are not the problem that the tabloid media portrays them to be. They are the future of us all and we must nurture their talents for good not ignore them and blame them for our own failings

What is your motivation for being part of A Band of Brothers?

Every thing seems to point in that direction My understanding of the world and of “Mens work” leads me to believe that the best way to affect change in society is through communities working together to heal the wounds of shame and lack of opportunity. I am happy to be a part of that process. This is a timely project that is absolutely at the right place and maybe just in the nick of time

Francis Briers


I trained originally as an actor, but ran away from the theatre to find my home! I am an Interfaith Minister and in this context I am deeply committed to living a life informed by a sense of spirit, love and meaning – and supporting others to do that too. I do this implicitly through my life, relationship and work, and explicitly as a spiritual counsellor. As a martial artist I bring a fierce and tender heart and I practice deep rooted strength and courageous vulnerability. I sometimes struggle with the realities of corporate life, but I feel committed to having a relationship with corporations. I believe that it is only through having a conscious relationship with these huge and powerful organisations that we can have a hand in shaping them and thereby have a hand in shaping all our futures.

What is your motivation for being part of A Band of Brothers?

As a young man I can remember feeling very much at sea particularly with what it means to be a man. How do we move out of a patriarchal mindset without becoming immasculated: How do we become real men? I feel that this question is really important, and I want to keep living this question in the company of men, and support the next generation in asking this question too.

Rob Day

Rob Day

I’m a 39 year old step father to two teenage boys aged 17 and 18. I am also a founding director of a web design company in Brighton employing 10 people.

What is your motivation for being part of A Band of Brothers?

As a young man growing up I was very aware that there was no initiation into manhood on offer to me. When is a young man supposed to become a man? There is no clear definition in western society. Instead – society today seems to rely on celebrity and media to create often poor role models and aspirations for young men. A Band of Brothers provides a compelling and authentic alternative.

Andrew Drake

Andrew Drake

I am 49 and father to a son and daughter. I earn my living through teaching and gardening. I grew up in Leeds but have lived in London and Brighton since I was 19. I love being a dad and and share my life with my partner of 5 years. My other loves are music holidays and modern art .

What is your motivation for being part of A Band of Brothers?

I want to be part of a project which supports emotional awareness in young men. I think there are benefits to the individual and to society and I enjoy using my skills and experience to faciltate positive change in people. I also feel there is a need in our society for adult men to take collective responsibility for troubled young men.

Aaron Shwartz

Aaron Swartz

I am a performer, teacher, theatre director and a integrative arts psychotherapist. I have spent a a very creative life working towards and realising my potential. I have now made it my life goal to help others do the same. I work with individuals and groups.  Much of my recent experience has been working with individuals who have lost their voice in self – expression. Individuals who have suffered trauma and are needing help and support to ‘work ‘ through this. Working with Band of Brothers is part of my fulfilment of working with amazing men with an amazing purpose!!!

What is your motivation for being part of A Band of Brothers?

So many young boys do not have a significant male relationship (or certainly not a positive one!). As a result they go ‘off the rails.’ Addressing these issues is the most important concern of this generation. Men go to war. Young men are in prison. Both have lost their purpose and don’t know where they belong. I am now devoted to trying to repair and heal this relationship. I truly believe such a relationship is essential in order to become a fully individualised man who is able to lead a happy and constructive life. I believe this mentoring project is addressing this.

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